October 1999

The IN Five

Plan Sponsor Magazine recognizes the five most innovative influential interesting inventive intriguing organizations in retirement services in 1999

Celebrating Those That Fly Right

When one IBMer urged fellow employees to encourage friends to buy their next PCs from Dell or Gateway, audience members stood and cheered

The Best Laid Plans

Protests by workers convince IBM to adjust the terms of its cash balance conversion

The IN Five

High-tech and temp workers, unite!

A Taste on the Un-COLA

Why former Ohio teachers are still fighting for benefits the state legislature awarded almost 30 years ago

Rating Retirement Calculators

Participants wondering how to shore up their retirement kitties might appreciate a bit of hands-on help. Here are some ideas

Pep Rally

Answering the call for a portable defined benefit and an enhanced 401(k) plan meant tapping into Motorola's specialty: communications

An Ounce of Prevention

Greenwich Associates finds plan sponsors embracing passive investing and seeking greater diversification as they grapple with market uncertainty

Quick-Change Artists

Bad experiences with its DC recordkeeper and pension consultant prompted Cosmair to switch to a single provider that lowered fees--and more

The Armchair Travelers

Frequently the investment of choice for sponsors restricted from purchasing non-US shares, ADRs have caught on with other funds as well

Total Investment Outsourcing

Why more and more mid-size funds are angling to avoid the manager "beauty contest" and other investment-related chores

The IN Five

Analyzing SEC's ethics edict

A Dip in the DC Pool

Why several public retirement systems now offer a one-time defined contribution election for shorter-term employees

AIMR Rules: Fund-Friendly?

While many sponsors wish to be AIMR-PPS compliant, the author submits that existing standards do not adequately address the plan sponsor universe