PLANSPONSOR December 2012

Treacherous Waters

Don’t be left adrift when it comes to securities lending disclosures

Lending From Within

Securities lending—the  loaning of securities by one portfolio to another for a fee—has long been the purview of defined benefit (DB) plans, where it might allow the plan sponsor to turn otherwise “idle” portfolio assets into income-generators. After all, many market activities still require the ability to physically deliver securities, most commonly to prevent a failed sale or to facilitate a short sale.  

Safety Net

Attorneys ask for service provider 408(b)(2) remedy

Taking Responsibility

Middle-class Americans agree that funding retirement is on their shoulders

COLA Nuggets

Retirement plan deferral limit increases for 2013

Safe Harbors

Plan sponsors not making best use of target-date funds

Will DBs Make a Comeback?

A recent white paper from Pentagra Retirement Services, entitled “The Future of Defined Benefit Plans Will Change Dramatically—For the Better,” contends that defined benefit (DB) plans are positioned for a comeback. So we decided to ask NewsDash readers whether they agreed.

Bells & Whistles

Each month, Bells & Whistles highlights recent product introductions that plan sponsors­ may find of interest. More information about these announcements can be found on If you have a product announcement that you believe would be of interest to our ­readers, drop us a line at

Positive Returns

These managers were top performers, despite challenging times

Realty Check

How target-date funds use real estate as a way to limit risks such as inflation

All in One Basket

What sponsors need to know before they go with TRO

When Not to Bundle

The qualities that a sponsor looks for in a total retirement outsourcing (TRO) provider can be used as a guide to determine whether or not to bundle services with the provider. 

Cliff Dwelling

What the fiscal cliff represents for retirement savings policy

Full Disclosure

Sponsors have all this information under 408(b)(2). Now what?

2012 Know How in Review

Over the past year, the Know How series has focused on a number of key participant communication topics

2012 NQDC Buyer’s Guide

A glimpse into the size and scope of a business that continues to evolve