The Case for a Process

Litigation is an ever-present threat, but sponsors can lessen their plan’s exposure.

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Reading the Required Disclosures

Should a plan sponsor, beyond fulfilling its duty to get required documents to participants, try to ensure they read them,...
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What the SECURE Act Does, and When

January 2020 Increases required minimum distribution age from 70.5 to 72 Allows penalty-free in-service withdrawal of up to $5,000 after birth or adoption of a child Expands the...
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Survey Says

The Allowance–Respect-for-Money Connection We asked PLANSPONSOR NewsDash readers: If you received an allowance as a child, did your parents also help you manage it, and did you save...
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Where American Retirees* Get Their Income *60 years and older. Defined benefit pensions have a greater poverty-reducing effect than do defined contribution plans. This may be because recipients...
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Focus on Expense Ratios

Recent research from the Investment Company Institute finds 90% of 401(k) plan equity mutual fund assets were invested in mutual funds with expense ratios of less than 1%.
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The Climate Change Dilemma

As interest towards ESG investments increases, fiduciaries are questioning whether it's their duty to offer sustainable funds.
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In the Groove

These plans are in tune with industry innovation, oversight and participant needs.
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Ready As It Goes

An emergency savings plan can give employees financial confidence.
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Income Insight

The SECURE Act will bring uniformity to lifetime income projections.
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Good Read

Summary plan descriptions become creative and easier to understand.
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Research Driven

Lori Lucas’ road to EBRI has been fulfilling and challenging.
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Safe Passage

How to confidently choose a lifetime-income provider, post-SECURE Act.