PLANSPONSOR November/december 2017

Alison Cooke Mintzer (photo by Chris Ramirez)

Payroll Deduction Wonders

My daughters have been receiving an allowance since they were each around 4 years old. It gets divided three ways: spend, save and give. “Spend” and “save” are fairly obvious....

Full Circle

Determining which recordkeeper may be best for your plan has become more challenging, because many of the small players that worked in niche markets have consolidated. This means that...
Art by Julie Benbassat

Financial Ed in K – 12 Schools

Surveys reveal that many adults struggle with basic finance such as how to budget, pay off debt and, generally, how to build savings. At the same time, one often...

Plan Analysis

Highlights of BrightScope’s proprietary research
Art by Alex Kiesling

Compliance Update

Summaries of the latest news from Washington and the courts—what’s coming, what’s contemplated and what’s critical for plan sponsors to know

Many New ESG ETFs Hit the Market

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing generating considerable conversation around the financial industry, it was inevitable that exchange-traded funds (ETFs) would take part in the trend. Of the...

Familiarity With Plan Fees Lacking

Roughly four in five retirement plan participants said it would be at least somewhat useful to have additional information about investment fees, according to research from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

What Is a True-Up Match?

Though not a required contribution, defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors may want to offer a true-up match to help participants maximize their savings for the year.
Art by Wren McDonald

Considering A Safe Harbor Plan Design?

While the deadline for adopting a new safe-harbor 401(k) plan was on October 1, information about the plan design will help employers plan for future years.
Art by Katherine Streeter

Reaching the Retired and Terminated

Some communications with terminated participants are required by law, but plan sponsors can take this farther—from offering the opportunity to repay loans to invitations to social events.
Art by Elisa Macellari

Putting Money in Employees’ Purses

Over the last several years, financial wellness programs have become an evolving best practice for employer retirement plans. The ability to provide a robust program is becoming increasingly crucial,...
Art by Tomi Um

Seeking Value

Which ­recordkeeping services are worth the extra cost?
Art by Chris Buzelli

Leading by Example

A plan sponsor introduces ESG as an option to manage retirement assets