PLANSPONSOR October 2015

Where They Are

Engagement is still a word discussed quite frequently.

Next Steps

Of the three qualified default investment alternative (QDIA) options, only managed accounts depend upon participant engagement.

Optional Plan Amendments?

More than half of those who responded have executed a plan amendment not dictated by new legislation or regulations in the past one or two years.

A Break from the Grind

Quotes, survey statistics and musing to use in employee communications, or just for a break from the grind.

The Influence of Plan Advisers

Plans with an adviser are more likely to operate in alignment with fiduciary best practices, among other things.

Rules & Regulations

Summaries of the latest news from Washington and the courts—what's coming, what's contemplated and what's critical for plan sponsors to know.

The Best Fit

Why, statistically, TDFs are the most common QDIA

Investment Options and HSAs

As of 2004, account owners can invest in mutual funds and other vehicles, as they would in a 401(k) plan.

Lower Expense Ratios

In 2014, the average expense ratio for equity mutual funds offered in the U.S. was 1.33%, but 401(k) plan participants who invested in equity mutual funds paid less than...

Make-or-Buy Decisions

How pension risk transfer can fulfill benefit obligations to participants

ACA 40% Excise Tax

Approaches the Treasury and IRS are considering with regard to implementation of the tax

Financial Wellness

This plan sponsor boosted employees’ retirement confidence

Key Changes Ahead

Implementation of money market fund regulations