To have a well-performing lineup, sponsors should know how to choose or change the funds.

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Yes, They Can Save, but …

Recently, I was speaking to someone about a topic that’s gotten a lot of discussion within the context of employee...
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We prepare you for 2020 with expert, creative—and no doubt some new—approaches for making this your plan's most successful year...
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Have Non-ERISA Plans Improved?

From an administrative prospective, a non-Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) 403(b) plan does not have to provide ERISA-mandated notices. It is also exempt from the filing and...
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Own UpEmployee-owners have 92% higher median household wealth than workers who are not employee-owners. Their wages are 33% higher, and they have a 53% longer median job tenure.Source:...
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An Association Plan

A sponsor created an ARP for a chamber of commerce in Connecticut.