September 2000

Taming the New Beast

Manager M&A activity has created a windfall for stakeholders while boosting acquirers' sales and distribution capabilities. But is there anything in it for plan sponsors besides more headaches?

No End to Publics’ Improvement

State and local government plans' funding ratios and investment returns continue to reflect the equities boom, the latest data find

School Days

Why sponsors are increasingly turning to outsourced employee training

Krispy Kreme’s Not-So-Secret Recipe: E-Learning

Krispy Kreme Doughnut Corporation is best known for its "hot original glazed doughnuts" and its "Hot Doughnuts Now" neon signs, whose glow tells customers that fresh, hot, doughnuts are coming out of the oven.

Educating Rita

The college education collision course-and the plan sponsor

Car Lot Attendant Parks Half a Million

Earl Crawley, a 64-year-old African-American parking lot attendant from Baltimore, has never earned more than $25,000 a year. But he has amassed half a million dollars in assets since going to work for Baltimore-based Mercantile Bankshares 20 years ago.

Rethinking Real Asset Exposure

Inflation and inflationary expectations pose substantial dangers to traditional financial assets.