Majority of Companies Respond to Exit Interview Feedback

Asked by OfficeTeam how often their companies act on information gathered during exit interviews with departing employees, 28% of human resources (HR) managers said “very often,” while 35% said “somewhat often.”

Twenty-four percent indicated their companies act of exit interview feedback “not very often,” and 13% said they never do.

When asked how they follow up on information gleaned from these meetings, 29% of respondents stated they update job descriptions, 24% address comments about management, and 22% make changes to the work environment. Nineteen percent review employee salaries, and 5% review employee benefits.

“The only silver lining to losing employees is obtaining useful feedback to help stem further turnover,” says Brandi Britton, a district president for OfficeTeam. “Departing workers can provide valuable insights that current staff may be reluctant to share.”