Morningstar Puts Out 16 Equity Indices

October 3, 2002 ( - Morningstar has introduced 16 US Equity indexes and launched a Web site with more index information.

Morningstar Indexes track the US equity market by capitalization and investment style using a non-overlapping approach based on the 10-factor Morningstar Style Box methodology, the company said.

The company said the indices offered coverage of 97% of the US equity markets and are rules-based, free-float weighted, screened for liquidity, buffered to limit unnecessary turnover, rebalanced quarterly and reconstituted semiannually.  

To provide investors with more information about the index offerings, Morningstar launched  a Web site   that includes trailing, calendar, and historical index returns and other index information.

Morningstar also unveiled the Morningstar Market Barometer, which graphically depicts the intensity of market moves using varying shades of red and green.

The new indices and ticker symbols are:

Broad Market Index

  • Morningstar US Market Index, $MSTAR

Cap Indexes

  • Morningstar Large Cap Index, $MLCP
  • Morningstar Mid Cap Index, $MMCP
  • Morningstar Small Cap Index, $MSC

Composite Style Indexes

  • Morningstar US Growth Index, $MGRO
  • Morningstar US Core Index, $MCOR
  • Morningstar US Value Index, $MVAL

Style Indexes

  • Morningstar Large Growth Index, $MLGR
  • Morningstar Mid Growth Index, $MMGR
  • Morningstar Small Growth Index, $MSGR
  • Morningstar Large Core Index, $MLCR
  • Morningstar Mid Core Index, $MMCR
  • Morningstar Small Core Index, $MSCR
  • Morningstar Large Value Index, $MLVL
  • Morningstar Mid Value Index, $MMVL
  • Morningstar Small Value Index, $MSVL..