Work Meetings Bug Employees and Executives

A survey from Accountemps found several bones of contention employees and financial professionals have about meetings.

Professionals surveyed by Accountemps said they spend more than one-fifth (21%) of their work hours in meetings but feel one-quarter of that time is wasted.


The response from finance leaders was similar: Slightly more of their time (24%) is spent in meetings, and they feel 21% of that is unproductive.


Things about meetings that bug employees and executives include:

  • Starts or ends late – 66%;
  • Unnecessary (e.g. could have been handled over email) – 63%;
  • Too much or not enough time allotted – 57%;
  • Attendees distracted (using phone, checking email, doodling, etc.) – 57%;
  • Attendees interrupt each other – 55%;
  • Not sticking to agenda when one is provided – 49%; and
  • Attendees unprepared – 47%.


In addition, the survey found 36% of workers admitted they’re less engaged during remote meetings, while 47% of finance leaders said the same regarding their staff. Finance leaders said that, on average, 20% of their meetings are conducted through online meeting platforms.