SURVEY SAYS: Co-Worker Friends

We covered a survey in which 62% of employees said having co-workers who are friends outside of the office positively affects productivity.

By PS | August 14, 2017
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In addition, professionals who feel they have good friends at work are 1.6 times more likely to be happy at work than those who don't.

Last week, I asked NewsDash readers, “Do you have co-workers who are your friends outside of work, and if so, does this make your work day better?”

More than half (54.3%) of responding readers said they do have a co-worker or co-workers who are their friends outside of work, while 45.6% indicated they do not.

Slightly more than 45% reported that having co-workers who are friends outside of work make their work day better (more productive, happier), while 9.5% said it made their work day worse (less productive). More than one-quarter (26.2%) indicated that it depends on the day, and 19% said it has no effect on their work day.

While there were certainly comments from responding readers about the advantages of having co-workers who are also friends outside of work, there were a significant number that mentioned negatives, such as the work environment having cliques, not being able to leave work at work, and getting into situations where one is used or gossiped about, among other things. Quite a few readers just want to keep personal and work life separate. And, several expressed that it is harder to be friends with co-workers once you move up the company ladder. Because I am in a similar situation, Editor’s Choice goes to the reader who said: “I don't currently have coworkers who live close by because I work remotely. We are friends in the sense that we share aspects of our personal lives, but we don't spend time together outside the office. In the past, when I worked in an office, I found it very beneficial to interact with coworkers as friends outside the office.” 

Thanks to all who participated in the survey!