A Little Friday File Fun (05/02)

May 2, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - They say that a picture is worth a thousand words...

Well, here’s a couple of thousand….

OK, maybe you have a canine friend who isn’t well-trained – or maybe you don’t have a canine friend because you’re worried about training it (or maybe you just prefer cats).   Whatever, you’ll enjoy interacting with this well-trained virtual version at http://www.idodogtricks.com/index_flash.html

Perhaps the most bizarre tattoo you’ll ever see.  MORE at http://www.ohgizmo.com/2008/04/26/that-zune-tattoo-guys-got-nothing-on-this/

...and here's a couple of thousand MORE...

In Groveland, Florida , power crews realized that Mario Guerra, 38, was climbing a utility pole and stealing electricity - - - so they summoned police - - - who after entering the premises found the reason behind Mario's theft - - - more than 2,000 of them, in fact - - - seems that Mario had quite the mari.juana farm ($2 million worth) going in his house - - - complete with a sophisticated system of underground irrigation, track lighting and even cooling pumps - - - you can see the operation at http://www.wftv.com/news/15989460/detail.html

- - - In Port Richey, Florida , Bill and Laura Haggerty, 39, were rudely awakened about 11:30 one night by a "thunderous, splashing crash" outside their bedroom - - - which turned out to be a maroon sport utility vehicle with its back end submerged in his swimming pool - - -apparently she failed to stop at the street she was driving on, and went across the Haggerty's yard and into their pool - - - Bill noted, "It looks like she actually caught air, because the front half of the car made it across the pool" - - - Bill helped the driver, Nicole Renee Carlin, 36, who reeked of alcohol, and had a glazed look in her eyes, from the car - - - and after just a moment, she said she wanted to leave - - - he told her she couldn't, but she broke away despite her condition - - - but was eventually spotted by police trying to enter another house on a nearby street - - -you can see the result at http://www.tampabay.com/multimedia/archive/00020/paccar042508_20770c.jpg

- - - And finally, in Sacramento, California , Kristina Parker, was going to write a check at a Target here - - - pulled her checkbook out of her purse, and then put the purse back in her shopping cart - - - but when it was discovered that she was writing a bad check, she fled - - - leaving her purse in the shopping cart - - - Target security personnel were checking out the purse for identification - - - when they found "a large amount of drugs" - - - called police - - - who were on the premises investigating - - - when Kristina returned to get the purse she left behind - - - you can see events unfold at http://www.cbs13.com/video/?id=32856@kovr.dayport.com