A Little Friday File Fun (08/17)

August 17, 2007 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - They say a picture is worth a thousand words....

Well, here’s a couple of thousand:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has just released a new public service ad – – – that encourages motorists to check their tires in hot weather to make sure they are properly inflated – – – by focusing on the “perilous journey” that frogs face crossing the road, especially on a hot day – – – you’ll be happy to know, no doubt, that “no frogs were harmed and the toads were treated like princesses” – – – MORE at http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/multimedia/TV/HotTires.wmv

An Arkansas-based outdoor retailer called the Christian Outdoorsman is enjoying great success selling camouflaged-covered Bibles.   “Our NIV (New International Version) Bible in Realtree camo is our best selling item, followed closely by our camo Bible cover,” said David Lingner, the president of Arkansas-based Christian Outdoorsman, which sells Christian-themed hunting and angling products online, according to Reuters.   You can see a copy at http://www.reuters.com/news/pictures/articleslideshow?articleId=USN0641891720070813&start=1

– – – In Indianapolis, Indiana , the Class of 2008 at Cathedral High School here chose to show their school spirit in a time-honored tradition – – – draping the road that leads to the school with – – – well, you have to see this to believe it – – – MORE at http://www.wzzm13.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=79296

– – – In Forest, Virginia , Deb Serio, found in her driveway a smudge of driveway sealant that she claims resembles the face of Jesus Christ – – and she has sold it for more than $1,500 on eBay – – – and yes, there’s a picture at http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/news/pics/breaking/0810holysmudge.jpg  
Mothers have long cautioned that we should always don clean undergarments when going out, just in case – – – those admonitions might well apply to some of the odd, and occasionally ironic, t-shirt messages – – – that some fine citizens have found themselves wearing whilst having a mug shot taken at the police station – – – the Smoking Gun has complied a collection of some of the “best” – – – MORE at http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2007/0810073mugs1.html  

– – – In Ashland, Kentucky , Kasey Kazee strolled into Shamrock Liquors here – – – planning to hold up the store – – – and he “disguised” himself by wrapping duct tape around his head to conceal his face – – – he hadn’t counted on store manager Bill Steele’s duct taped wooden club, however, and fled outside – – – where he was chased to the ground – – – you can see Kasey’s “disguise” at MORE at http://media.graytvinc.com/images/wsaz_mug_duct-tape_011.jpg