A Little Friday File Fun

In South Haven, Michigan, a family believed their cat perished in a house fire. However, when they returned to the home two months later, the family dog went to a part of the house that used to be a bathroom and started sniffing it, licking it and scratching at it. When the homeowners investigated, they found the cat alive.

In Titusville, Florida, a woman stopped into a CVS at 9:50 p.m. to buy a birthday card. When she went to the checkout counter a little after 10, she triggered an alarm and was locked in the store. She stood in front of a security camera and called police who had to wait for the store manager to come and free her.

In Winston-Salem, North Carolina, a man was charged with leaving the scene after his car was found in a swimming pool at an apartment complex. The man, who later turned himself in, says he was trying to find a parking spot but the lot was full. He stopped his car to turn around, then got out of the car to check and see if he had enough room to make the turn without hitting another car. He says he thought his car was in park when got out, but when he turned around, he saw it rolling towards the pool.

In Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the owner of Moose Watch Café awoke to find the bumper torn off her car. The car is used to deliver doughnuts. Apparently, although there were no doughnuts in the car at the time, a bear smelled the sweet odor and ripped the bumper. The bear also made and attempt to claw away the insulation in the trunk to get to the smell, the Associated Press reports.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a couple leaving a barbeque festival were pulled over on the highway by police. The officer asked them if they were aware that the body of an unconscious man was on their trunk. They thought the officer was joking and got out of the car to see there was a man on the trunk. The driver said there’s a slight lip on the trunk that likely saved the man’s life. According to the Associated Press, when the police office woke up the man, he was disoriented and said he did not remember leaving the festival.

A news anchor in Russia was startled when she was interrupted by an unlikely source.

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This is why I will NOT live in Australia. (Warning to those horrified by spiders and rodents.)

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You know the head bob when you try to stay awake, but keep dozing? It’s amazing how human-like this dog seems.

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