A Little Friday File Fun

In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a businessman will get a new trial on mortgage fraud charges. A U.S. District Judge ruled the man was denied a fair trial because his defense attorney dozed during the October trial. The attorney has acknowledged that he fell asleep because he was taking cold medicines that made him drowsy, according to the Associated Press. The man has hired a new attorney.

In Taraz, Jambyl, Kazakhstan, at a gas station a man was seen trying to put diesel into a canister strapped onto the roof of his van. Because it was difficult to see, he took out a lighter, which ignited the fumes causing a mini explosion, and burning flames began flowing out of the nozzle. According to the UK’s Metro, the panicked man then dropped the nozzle, which sprayed burning fuel over the ground and other vehicles as he tried to flee for safety.

In Kiselyovsk, Russia, workers had been tasked with inflating a three-ton tire, but had forgotten about it—leaving it to over inflate. The UK’s Mirror reports the huge tire suddenly exploded into the air and landed on a car—leaving the vehicle completely flattened.

In York, South Carolina, a man has been arrested for burglary and petit larceny. The Rock Hill Herald reports a man broke into his neighbor’s house and made a sandwich. A police report lists the stolen goods as a drink of clear moonshine, a Clover Valley kosher whole dill pickle, a scoop of Newk’s pimento cheese and two slices of bread. The homeowner alerted authorities after home surveillance detected motion. He had installed the cameras after noticing things going missing. The suspect, who is renting property from the homeowner, admitted to entering the home on other occasions.

Sometimes it’s best to not overdo the entrance to a wedding reception.

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This dog really wants this big stick, but it is still stuck to the tree.

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Sometimes you just have to dance, no matter where you are, when your ‘jam’ comes on.

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