A Little Friday File Fun

In Millersville, West Virginia, a man stole tools from the auto repair shop where he worked. He then proceeded to call folks to try to sell the tools. According to the Times West Virginian, one of the calls he made was to the owner of his workplace. When he realized whom he had called, he hung. However, the owner called police and the man has been arrested.

In Jacksonville, Florida, employees at a Jimmy John’s posted on SnapChat a video of themselves jumping rope with dough. Of course, this raised a firestorm of comments. The Jimmy John’s owner issued a statement that said the dough was discarded and the employees were fired, according to the local CBS News station.

In Roseville, Michigan, a man was issued a ticket for something a lot of us do in the cold weather—warming up his car. The man left the car running in his driveway for about five minutes while he was inside his home and returned to the car to find a $125 ticket for a local ordinance violation of leaving a motor vehicle unattended. According to the Associated Press, the Roseville Police Chief is standing by the officer who issued the ticket, saying it’s a public safety issue because a thief could have easily taken the car.

In Joliet, Illinois, two teenage girls thought they would go on an adventure and entered the abandoned Joliet Correctional Center through a hole in its fence. However, during the adventure, one of the girls accidentally locked herself inside of a cell. The other girl got firefighters to the site and the locked up girl was released after 45 minutes, according The Joliet Herald-News. The girls will be charged with trespassing.

Slipping on ice is not funny when you’re experiencing it, but it can be funny to watch.

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These dogs just do not like bath time.

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Poor dog mistakes algae for grass.

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