A Little Friday File Fun

In Danville, Kentucky, two men were sitting in a car outside of a barbeque restaurant discussing robbing the place, when one of their phones accidentally dialed 911. The dispatcher listened in to the call and , and authorities determined where the call originated and contacted Danville police chief Tony Gray, who, as it turned out, was enjoying a meal inside the mentioned restaurant. The Huffington Post reports the two men were located inside the vehicle and got into more trouble because they were into.xicated.

In Miami, Florida, a man robbed a store disguised with only a bucket on his head. But, the interesting part is, he was stealing pigeons.

In Fort Myers, Florida, a woman and her boyfriend got into a fight. The girlfriend grabbed a knife and as the boyfriend tried to get it from her, he was cut. What was the argument about? According to the Associated Press, the boyfriend wouldn’t pay for the girlfriend to have her hair and nails done for her birthday. The girlfriend was charged with battery.

In Burleson, Texas, a man who looks like Santa was asked to leave Six Flags Over Texas. The man says his outfit is not a costume; his beard is real and his glasses are prescription. He also says he wears the same hat and red vest every day throughout the holidays everywhere he goes. The man got in trouble after he says a woman asked him to pose for a picture with her children. “Knelt down, put my arms around them, and afterward I reached in my wife’s walker, pulled out two candy canes, handed it to them,” he says, according to the local CBS News station. He said he was then approached by park security. The man says he does not approach children; the parents come to him.

This dog found a clever way to find playmates.

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This poor kitty can’t enjoy the snow without his aggravating dog sibling.

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In Kingman, Arizona, The Prestons Family Christmas Light Show will be featured on this year’s The Great Christmas Light Fight Series on ABC.

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