A Little Friday File Fun

In Lewiston, Maine, a man with an electronic benefits transfer card called the number on his card to get his EBT balance. However, when he dialed he number, he heard a voice that said, “Welcome to America’s hottest talk line.” A Maine Department of Health and Human Services spokesman told the Sun Journal that officials have been aware for months that the phone number on some cards is off by one digit. The department plans to replace the misprinted cards and strengthen its review process to prevent future errors.

In Washington, D.C., a restaurant owner is offering some consolation for those who receive speed camera tickets. According to the Daily Caller, the owner of the restaurant Caribbean Citations in southeast D.C. offers diners with a speed camera ticket a price discount on each menu item. They also get a raffle ticket to enter a chance to have the restaurant owner pay for their entire parking ticket.

In Baltimore, Maryland, police officers were standing on a southeast Baltimore corner when a Toyota RAV-4 hit a cruiser steps away. Police say the driver told police that he was looking down playing “Pokemon Go” on his cellphone when he hit the cruiser. According to the Associated Press, the driver stepped out of his car and showed the officer his phone, saying “That’s what I get for playing this dumb … game.”

In East Greenwich Township, New Jersey, in another example of “Pokemon Go” going wrong, a woman climbed a tree inside a cemetery while playing the game. She found herself stuck there and had to call fire and rescue to get her down.

A paddleboarder claims when she plays her flute, whales come to her—and they do.

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Woman freaks out over frog on car hood.

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