A Little Friday File Fun

In Draguseni, Romania, Vasile Cepoi defeated Vasile Cepoi and Vasile Cepoi in a mayoral election. The victor told The Associated Press: “I added my middle name, and ran as Vasile Lica Cepoi.” He was also the incumbent, who secured his fourth term as mayor of Draguseni. He said the coincidence of three candidates having the same name was an attempt by political parties to confuse residents. The news report says both names are common in Romania; Cepoi means “big onions.” The mayor won 1,200 votes, Vasile Cepoi won 100 votes and Vasile Cepoi trailed with 10. The three are not related.

In Jackson, Florida, a man fed up with his son’s disrespect and bad activities, put his son’s SUV for sale on Craigslist. And, according to CNN, the man agreed to take $250 off the price if the buyer lived in the area just so his son would see the vehicle every now and then to remind him “how good he had it!” The truck sold in two hours.

Somewhere in Texas, a family decided to remodel a trailer that had been sitting unoccupied for at least a decade in their backyard. A man walked in the trailer to help clean it out and found a misshapen brown mess—nearly 6 feet long—which seemed to have sprouted up from the couch and out the window. “It looks like a cocoon, it looks unreal, it looks like mold,” one of the family members told the local CBS News station. The boyfriend suspected it was a hive or something, and after a Google search, realized it was a gigantic hornets’ nest. The family has called an exterminator.

In Sydney, Australia, a Virgin Australia airlines flight attendant was caught sleeping on the job—by Virgin owner Richard Branson. Branson took a photo next to the sleeping employee, posted it online then woke the employee up. “To be fair, he was on standby, getting some much needed rest,” Branson said, according to the Daily Mail Australia.

In Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, police were called to a restaurant where a couple ran up a tab of $135 then bolted. However, they left behind one thing—their 10-year-old daughter, according to the Canadian Press. Police caught up with the into.xicated couple and arrested them.In La Canada Flintridge, California, some homeowners had an unwelcomed guest in their pool.

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This futuristic bus design aimed at reducing traffic problems and pollution is cool, but I can image problems with it already.

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How to make a natural, effective mosquito repellant.

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