A Little Friday File Fun

In an unrevealed location, a woman was using a public restroom when someone came in, used the baby changing table and left it down. Left open, the table blocked the door and trapped her inside the stall. “She had to wait for another person to enter the bathroom in order to be set free,” her son said, according to the Huffington Post.

In Minot, Minnesota, police responded to a hospital emergency room that reported a man had come in saying he was attacked by a bear. Upon investigation, the police found two men climbed the fence of the Roosevelt Park Zoo after it closed and were walking the grounds when they came upon the bear enclosure. One man stuck his arm through the bars of the enclosure aiming to entice one of the bears to come closer, and a bear bit his right hand, according to MSN News. Yes, alco.hol was involved.

In Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a story from the “Doh!” files. An inmate in the county jail who was supposed to be released in November 2014, wasn’t released until last month. Apparently, new charges against another inmate with the same name were mistakenly duplicated and put in both inmates’ files. According to the Associated Press, Warden Cheryl Steberger issued a statement saying officials wanted to publicly acknowledge the mistake and apologize. That makes it all better.

In New York City, the Health Department announced that it registered 1,127 dogs named Bella and 1,073 named Max in 2015. It licensed 27 dogs named Bean, 17 dogs named Raisin and 15 dogs named Potato last year. A total of 605 licensed dogs answered to Daisy, the most popular flower name. There were also 10 Tulips, four Primroses and two Daffodils. Names that were popular with certain breeds included Snoopy for beagles and Tyson for boxers.

Somewhere in the UK, a man has been ordered by his landlord to remove a fish pond from his backyard. The structure, which is home to 80 fish, has a wall of concrete blocks surrounding it and the entire garden is surrounded by a 6-foot wooden fence. The man claims his landlord, Sovereign, started complaining when he added two extra concrete blocks around the water’s edge to stop his one-year-old daughter from falling in. The reason the landlord wants it removed: it could pose a danger—to burglars. “The reason they gave was if someone breaks into the back garden they can fall in the pond because there’s a six-foot fence all round and they can’t see it. I said ‘well they shouldn’t be breaking in,’” the man said, according to The Mirror.

Seven uses for an iron—other than ironing clothes.

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This coffee shop had an unusual shoplifter.

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