A Little Friday File Fun

In Barefoot Bay, Florida, residents reported to authorities that they saw two men dressed in black lurking behind homes. Deputies began searching the area and were later joined by more deputies, K-9 units and a sheriff’s helicopter. According to the Brevard County Reporter, investigators say one man called his girlfriend during that time to tell her he and the other suspect were being chased and lying low. Unfortunately, he chose the wrong place to hide. His body was found floating in a pond 10 days later, deceased from an alligator attack.

In Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a man breaking into a taxi company apparently didn’t think before getting dressed beforehand. He wore a sweatshirt with his first name on it, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. While having the suspect’s first name, in general, might not be very helpful to police, the fact that the man used to work at the taxi company helped speed along the investigation.

In Coachella, California, a FedEx driver was removing a package from the rear of his truck when a 19-year-old man jumped into the driver’s seat. He demanded the keys, and the driver turned them over. The man started the vehicle, but was not successful in driving away, because he could not figure out how to drive it, according to The Smoking G.un. Oh, and the would-be thief was nak.ed.

In Ocean Springs, Mississippi, an 18-wheeler veered out of its lane on Interstate 10 and hit the side of an overpass. The truck caught fire, according to the Sun Herald out of Gulfport. The interesting, and ironic, point of the story: the truck was hauling fire extinguishers.

In the Voronezh region of Russia, a couple mailed documents notifying banks to which they owed a large amount of loans that they had died. They moved and were living in debt-free bliss until the birth of their second child, according to the Pravda Report. After the baby was born, the couple filed for the parent capital, which is provided to families at the birth of second and consecutive children. That is when the fake documents were discovered and they were criminally charged.

A monkey at a zoo gets a kick out of a “magic” trick.

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Quite a few things you were taught in history class are not entirely accurate.

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You don’t have to view all 11 minutes to know this family went all out for its Christmas light show.

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