A Little Friday File Fun

In Tempe, Arizona, a police officer was making his way to the jailhouse when his license plate reader notified him that a reported stolen vehicle had just passed him. The truck stopped at the police department and the driver told the officer that he had borrowed the vehicle to pick his girlfriend up from jail, according to the local ABC News station. The driver was taken into custody.

In Cortland, New York, a man was irate after he left family court. The Cortland Voice reported that he was driving into a while flatbed truck when police found him ramming into other cars. He caused a minor injury to one vehicle occupant, and totaled a probation officer’s SUV, among much other damage. The man was arrested in the parking lot.

In Deyang, China, a fisherman who distrusted financial institutions buried his entire life savings five years ago. When he and his family recently dug it up, they discovered that the plastic bag the bills were in had deteriorated, and worms and insects had eaten through much of his $5,500. According to Yahoo! News, “his local bank—which he didn’t trust to hold his savings in the first place—has come to the rescue, swapping the notes that are in good enough condition for fresh ones,” totaling a little more than half of the man’s money.

A man and dolphin get into a spitting fight, and just when you think they make up…

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Let this toddler remind you of the days when the little things thrilled us.

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A seasoned pediatrician shares a technique he says can make any fussy infant stop crying.

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