A Little Friday File Fun

In Chelsea, Massachusetts, a 2-year-old boy owes his life to a stuffed cow. The Boston Globe reports that the boy was bouncing on his bed and accidentally sailed right through an open window. He landed on a concrete slab in the backyard, but avoided serious injury because he was clutching his two-foot tall stuffed cow.

In Orlando, Florida, a man was stopped for driving without headlights. Police found a white power substance in his car and said a field test showed it tested positive for co.caine. The man said he repeatedly told officers that it was drywall, according to the Associated Press. He spent 90 days in jail before lab results determine it was drywall. The news report did not say whether the man is seeking restitution.

In Alpharetta, Georgia, police stopped a man for speeding. But the officer was not prepared for what he saw in the car. In the passenger seat was a life-sized alien doll with a seatbelt on. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the man did not explain why he had this “passenger.” The driver got off with a verbal warning—and some laughs from the officer—who took pictures and posted them on social media.

In Sydney, Australia, Opal cards are part of the smartcard ticketing system used for public transport services in the greater Sydney area and can be used for transport via bus, rail, light rail and ferry services within the city. The near-field communication chip within each of the cards is required for entering and exiting the transport stations. To avoid losing his card, a man had the near-field communication chip from an Opal card cut down, encased in bio-compatible plastic, and inserted into his body just beneath the skin on the side of his left hand, according to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. But, that wasn’t what struck me about the story. The man’s name is Meow-Ludo Disco Gamma Meow-Meow.

At Shanghai Pudong International Airport in China, an airplane passenger’s superstitious actions ended up grounding a China Southern Airlines flight for several hours. The woman threw a handful of coins into an Airbus 320’s engine to “wish a safe flight,” according to police. Fellow travelers said they saw the elderly woman toss the change from halfway up the boarding staircase. Crew members ordered passengers who had already boarded off the aircraft so engineers could inspect the engine. They found one coin inside the engine and eight on the ground nearby, the South China Morning Post reports. The flight eventually departed about five hours later than scheduled.

Irish weather man experiences winds he’s reporting.

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Unwanted visitors make this man run back on the porch.

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You won’t believe this gymnast is 91.

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