A Little Friday File Fun

In New York City, a woman sued her nephew—now 12 years old—for causing her to injure her wrist four years ago. According to the New York Daily News, the woman was invited to her nephew’s birthday party when he turned eight. When she arrived, he ran to her, yelling her name and saying he loved her, then jumped up, causing her to have to catch him. They both fell to the ground, and the aunt broke her wrist. In a lawsuit, the aunt says her life has been seriously affected—she has trouble walking up the steps to her Manhattan apartment and holding hors d’oeuvres plates at parties. She sought $127,000 in damages, but the court has ruled in the boy’s favor.

In Lakeland, Florida, a 23-year-old woman decided to broadcast herself driving into.xicated on Periscope, Twitter’s live video application. The video quickly spread online, the local CBS News station reports, and concerned viewers sent the woman text messages begging her to stop driving. The Lakeland, Florida, police were also contacted by a viewer who was able to identify a few landmarks near the woman. Police found her and she was arrested for D.UI.

In Brahehus, Sweden, a person called police to report the sighting of a possible I.SIL group. Police responded to the scene and found 30 bearded men holding a flag—members of a beard club called the Bearded Villains.

In Bonn, Germany, a 43-year-old man entered a home with the intention of robbing it. He went into a storeroom, and the doors slammed shut behind him. There was no way to open it from the inside, The Local reports. The man finally called police, who rescued him before arresting him.

In Clay County, Kansas, a man was burning garbage in a field when he noticed that the fire was getting out of control. In an attempt to put the fire out, he drove his van back and forth over the flames. However, the tires of the van caught fire. That’s when it dawned on the man that since his van was loaded with firearms ammunition and had a full tank of gas, it may not be safe. According to the Kansas City Star, the man evacuated the area, and a Clay County Sheriff’s deputy responded to the scene after he saw smoke coming from the field while he was on a traffic stop. The deputy did not cite the man for anything.

You’ve heard of “Driving Miss Daisy”? Well, this is Daisy (a dog) driving a toddler around.

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This little girl’s dive into the pool failed, but she ended up doing a cool move anyway.

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These guys thought launching a wheel with an airbag would be cool, but soon realized they didn’t think it through.

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