A Third of Americans Work while Vacationing

February 2, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - New research reveals that a third (34%) of Americans have answered work calls or e-mails on vacation.

A quarter (26%) of respondents admitted that their partner had taken their cell phone with them on vacation.   

According to coupon code and discount Web site CouponCodes4U.com 32% of respondents said they answered work calls or e-mails on holiday because they felt “inclined” to, and 9% stated that their boss “made them.”   

A press release said a quarter (24%) of those that have answered work calls or e-mails on vacation admitted that it was the cause of “arguments” during the time away, with one respondent confessing that it led to the “break-up” of their relationship.   

In addition, 11% of respondents admitted that they have taken their laptop on vacation with them. A fifth (21%) of these admitted that they had used their laptop for work during their holiday. Thirteen percent of those who took their laptop on vacation said that they did so to “stay connected” to those back home, and 8% said they took their laptop with them so they could upload pictures to Facebook or other social networks as they vacationed.  

CouponCodes4U.com polled 7,384 individuals for the survey.