ADP Expands Global Payroll Services

December 3, 2013 ( – ADP has released an expansion of payroll capabilities for its ADP Vantage HCM service.

By integrating its ADP Streamline global payroll services into the solution, large U.S. enterprises with a growing offshore employee population will have a unified payroll solution to better manage and pay their global work force.

The integration of ADP Streamline with ADP Vantage HCM will offer customers the benefits of a global payroll capability housed within the existing ADP ecosystem, eliminating the need for employers to work with different payroll systems cobbled together from multiple vendors in different countries.

“This expanded payroll capability within ADP Vantage HCM addresses a key business need for U.S.-based companies that are increasing their business hiring globally,” says Mark Benjamin, president of Global Enterprise Solutions at ADP in Roseland, New Jersey.

According to ADP, this expanded service helps enable global standardization of payroll processes. The expanded service also helps companies based in the United States with the complexities of payroll laws and regulations in other countries.

“This new capability offers value to our U.S.-based clients with employees based outside the United States by providing consolidated reporting and executive payroll dashboards across all geographies – a real advantage over trying to integrate disparate technology across different countries,” says Benjamin.  “The outstanding geographic coverage and global payroll solution that we’ve built into ADP Streamline address local compliance and statutory reporting by local experts, while offering our global clients the confidence that ADP is managing the end-to-end process to the highest standards possible.”

This expansion addresses several global trends noted by ADP, including the following:

  • Fifty-nine percent of global respondents reached for a related survey say their companies plan to increase the number of employees outside of their headquarters country within the next two years;
  • North American respondents surveyed say their global enterprises managed, on average, 19 payroll systems at the same time, with 72% noting that they would appreciate having a more coordinated, global payroll system; and
  • Research shows that the multi-country payroll outsourcing industry is expected to grow between 25% and 30% over the next few years.

More information about the expanded service is available here.

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