Aetna Rolls Out Web-based Wellness Product

March 11, 2003 ( - Aetna has entered the Web-based wellness product arena with the introduction of its Simple Steps To A Healthier Life product.

Simple Steps combines both online and offline wellness products and services, incorporating information on disease prevention, condition education, behavior change programs and health promotion services into a Web-based product that employers can purchase as a component of their employee benefits, according to the news release.

The product is designed to work with any health benefits plan so that employers can make available to all their employees, regardless of the health plan selected, the same health information and programs. Employers can customize the site with their company name and integrate their own links and wellness programs. In addition, an integrated assessment tool can help employers track health trends within their employee population based on aggregate data that supports strategic decisions for wellness and intervention programs.

Employees who utilize the site will first be asked to complete an online health risk assessment, developed by WellMed, Inc, which enables the tool to identify certain risk factors and generate a personalized health action plan with wellness and disease-prevention programs. Users are then provided with health change options that fit their lifestyles and track progress toward improvement. Based on self-reported information, participants may receive feedback and recommendations for additional programs and resources.