AIG Launches Cancer Patient Supplemental Policy

July 22, 2008 ( - AIG Employee Benefit Solutions has launched LIVESTRONG SurvivorPlan, a supplemental workplace insurance policy for cancer patients.

A news release said the new offering, developed with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, provides resources to help policy holders stay healthy, as well as benefits if the person is diagnosed with cancer. The policy provides an annual $100 screening benefit to cover early detection tests such as mammograms, colonoscopies, electrocardiograms and others, the announcement said.

The policy will help offset related costs of obtaining cancer treatment such as loss of wages, deductibles, coinsurance, travel expenses to and from treatment centers, lodging, meals, and child care. Benefits are directly to the insured.

Other coverages include, but are not limited to, prolonged hospital stays, radiation/chemotherapy treatments, intensive care unit treatment, nursing services and hospice care, bone marrow transplants, second surgical opinions, and National Cancer Institute evaluation/consultation.

The policy is being offered to the employer market through AIG Employee Benefit Solutions.

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