Al Gore and David Blood to Lead New Investment Firm

November 8, 2004 ( - Former Presidential candiate Al Gore will team up with multiple former Goldman Sach Asset Management employees, among others, to form a long only investment firm.

The former vice-president, who has enjoyed time teaching and writing since being defeated for the Presidency in 2000, will join former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) David Blood in founding an investment management firm dedicated to long-term investing. The firm will be established by Generation Investment Management as an independent, employee owned investment management group that will focus initially on long only global equities. Gore will be the chairman of the new firm, with Blood as managing partner.

The group will combine traditional fundamental equity analysis with sustainability research, according to a press release. The goal is to align the investments with client interests, taking into account social, environmental and geopolitical factors when making investment decisions. Transparency, innovation, eco-efficiency, community investing, nurturing employees, managing longer-term risks, and looking for long-term opportunities will be hallmarks of the firm, the company stated in the release.

Joining Blood and Gore as founding partners will be:

  • Mark Ferguson (CIO), formerly co-Head of Pan-European Research at GSAM.
  • Peter Harris (COO), formerly head of International Operations at GSAM.
  • Peter Knight (President of Generation US), formerly Managing Director Met West Financial. Knight previously was Chief of Staff for Gore, as well as former President Clinton’s campaign manager in 1996. He is also currently the President of Generation US.
  • Colin le Duc, (Head of Research), formerly Director of Research at SAM Sustainable Asset Management.