Albertson's To Cover Birth Control

March 9, 2004 ( - Albertson's grocery store chain must provide contraceptive coverage for all women as part of the chain's prescription drug employee health benefit.

The order was handed down as part of a settlement reached with the Boise, Idaho based grocery store chain of a 2001 discrimination complaint filed by the US EqualEmployment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).   The class-action settlement, approved by a federal judge in Phoenix, Arizona, guarantees contraceptive coverage for all women covered under the company’s health plans, including employees and dependents , according to a report.

“Reproductive healthcare is really basic health care for women,” said attorney Grace McIlvain, one of the parties who negotiated the settlement. “If a woman is sexually active and she doesn’t have contraception, she can expect to be pregnant 12 to 15 times during her life.”