American Century Opens Up Web Redemptions

July 2, 2001 ( - New features planned for American Century Investments- Web site allows retail investors to perform account management activities, including redemptions, online.

The enhancements are in line with findings from the group’s 2000 Investor Internet Adoption Study of 250 mutual fund investors, which showed that:

  • four out of five current customer interactions occur on the group’s Web site,
  • Web usage among mutual fund investors stood at about 60%, or 37 million people last year, three times the 1996 figure.


New online features at will include:

  • redemptions
  • quarterly statements
  • transaction confirmations
  • online change of address
  • the ability to establish and maintain authorized banking
  • information
  • a new task-based navigation design

In conjunction with its Web site enhancements, the group has added more safeguards to protect investors’ privacy and security.

The new features will be available by early next year.

American Century’s web site already offers:

  • online account openings
  • online purchases and exchanges, as well as
  • interactive chat for real-time customer service