Americans Can do More to Keep Health Costs Down

April 2, 2008 ( - Health care costs continue to rise, but Americans are not taking the steps to be healthier and thus reduce their costs, according to a new survey released by Erickson Health.

In a press release, Erickson said 82% of voters say Americans do not do enough to protect their health and prevent disease. Voters overwhelmingly, regardless of party, favor lower health insurance premiums as a reward for those who take steps to prevent disease, but only few favor higher health insurance premiums for those who do not take steps to prevent disease, the release said.

The survey also found only 14% of voters choose regular physicals and screenings as the most important preventive health care measure. Most voters overall say they rely on their families for information on preventive health care, while voters age 65 and older tend to rely on medical professionals and health insurance companies.

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