Amerivest, XShares Launch 'Lifecycle' ETFs

October 1, 2007 ( - Amerivest Investment Management, LLC, a subsidiary of TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation, has announced a partnership with XShares Advisors LLC to launch TDAX Funds, Inc. - an exchange-traded funds portfolio.

A news release said the target-date funds begin by focusing on asset growth through a higher weighting to stocks and shift to capital preservation over time through historically less-risky allocations. By doing so, the company said in the announcement, the offerings become lifecycle ETFs.

The announcement said the funds seek to replicate certain lifecycle indexes created by Zacks Investment Research.

There are five TDAX Independence ETFs available, each with strategies defined by an investment horizon and target date.

Those with a specific withdrawal date in mind can select:

  • TDAX Independence In-Target ETF
  • TDAX Independence 2010 ETF
  • TDAX Independence 2020 ETF
  • TDAX Independence 2030 ETF
  • TDAX Independence 2040 ETF

“Whether you’re looking for a complete solution or adding to a goal-based strategy, TDAX Independence ETFs keep it simple, making it a great choice for both sophisticated investors and those just beginning,” said Dave Kelley, senior vice president, TD AMERITRADE, in the news release.

More information is at .