AMIDEX Offers Cancer Cure Fund

October 1, 2001( -AMIDEX Mutual Funds, Inc. has launched the first index mutual fund that allows investors to support the battle against cancer.

The AMIDEX Cancer Innovations & Healthcare Mutual Fund will invest in the 45 pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies that comprise the AMIDEX eMed Cancer Innovations & Healthcare Index, published and calculated by eMedsecurities, Inc.

The new offering is the only fund that invests solely in companies involved in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

The index includes:

  • pharmaceutical giants Merck, Pfizer and Abbott,
  • biotech leaders Chiron and Genentech, and
  • medical equipment companies Beckman Coulter and Cytyc

During October, the AMIDEX Cancer Innovations & Healthcare Mutual Fund shares can be purchased through without a sales load.

More information on the eMed Cancer Innovations & Healthcare Index is available at .