Another Indiana Pension Worker Accused of ID Theft

February 19, 2003 ( - Indiana state authorities have stumbled across another pension fund worker accused of stealing state employees' identities.

Shaunna Stone, aformer temporary worker at Indiana’sPublic Employees’ Retirement Fund(PERF)has been charged with stealing the identity of a state employee while attempting to apply for a department store credit card, according to a report by the Indianapolis Star.

It’s déjà vu all over again for Indiana pension officials.   Stone, 34, had previously worked in the same benefits department headed by Walter Kevin Scott, who resigned from his job in August after his criminal past was revealed to state officials (See  Probe Continues into Former Pension Benefits Officer). Similar to Scott, Stone also had access to the personal information of more than 250,000 public employees and retirees while working at the fund.  Scott is currently awaiting a federal trial for allegedly stealing the identity of another Kevin Scott to pass a state background check and land a top job at PERF. Additionally, he is facing charges of embezzling money from his former employer, Cook Inc, a manufacturer of medical devices.

Stone has been in hot water before, a suspect in the theft of personal information from another state employee months earlier, which never led to an arrest, according to the Indianapolis Star.  The report says the latest development could provide the first tale-tell signs of damage done during Scott’s brief tenure at the fund.

The Facts

Stone was brought in as a temporary work for the PERF from September 2001 to May 2002, as refunds analyst in the department overseen by Scott.   The position had Scott regularly interfacing with sensitive account information such as dates of birth and Social Security numbers.

On February 10, 2003, Stone was arrested after applying for a department store card trying to pass off the Social Security number, employer and date of birth of an employee at an Indiana state correctional facility. An employee at the department store became suspicious after Stone attempted to purchase more than the $3,600 limit on the card.

The arrest led to three felony charges:   forgery, identity deception fraud and attempted theft.

Stone Cold

Much like her former colleague, Stone came to PERF with a rap sheet, including arrests on charges of check deception, distributing marijuana, possessing a handgun without a license and criminal conversion.   However, due to her temporary employment status, a background check was not run on her by the pension fund.

PERF has since modified its background check policy so that it covers every current and new worker, according to the report.