Ascensus, Devenir Partner on HSAs

The private-label HSA investment platform is being offered to banks and credit unions.

Ascensus has partnered with Devenir to offer  the Devenir myHSAinvestments solution and private-labeled HSA investment platform to banks and credit unions.

The HSA investment platform helps clients gather and retain more HSA assets through a solution that includes investment custodial services, independent investment counseling and a wide array of mutual fund choices through Devenir’s open-architecture platform.

“Integrating Devenir’s HSA investment solutions and platforms into the Ascensus portfolio deepens the consultative value we deliver to banks and credit unions, which ultimately influences what they can deliver to individuals,” says Steve Christenson, Ascensus executive vice president. “It’s a significant opportunity to tap into the explosive growth and potential surrounding HSAs right now while helping people protect their health care dollars.”