Atlanta Sued over Pension Contribution Increases

November 18, 2013 ( – Various union workers have filed a lawsuit against the city of Atlanta regarding pension reform measures.

According to a recent news report from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the suit was filed last week by unions representing Atlanta’s firefighters and police officers, as well as city employees, in Fulton County Superior Court. At issue are pension contribution increases paid by system workers, which were enacted in 2011 (see “Atlanta Council Approves Municipal Pension Changes”).

The suit alleges that an ordinance requiring employees to pay a 5% increase toward their benefit plans is a breach of contract and unconstitutional. The concern is that by requiring employees to contribute more of their annual salary, those employees end up paying substantially more for benefits to which they are already entitled. 

Workers who filed the suit are seeking class action status.

The suit also seeks reimbursement of the additional amount paid toward pension funds since the ordinance took effect. According to the news report, city officials had no comment.