Attending Super Bowl not Worth Busting Budget

January 31, 2011 ( - According to a new survey by ING DIRECT USA football fans say they would only go to the Super Bowl game if it did not bust their budget.

Few respondents would make financial sacrifices for their team to win the championship. Both male and female respondents agreed they’d give up booze for one year (16% and 17%, respectively), but very few fans would give up a single paycheck (5%) or pay $100 a week for the rest of their lives (3%).    

According to a press release, in a bit of good news for women who feel neglected on Sundays during football season, the survey found 57% of male football fans would spend $500 or more for a romantic getaway weekend with their spouse, partner or significant other, compared to just 27% of men who would spend the same amount on a trip to see their favorite team in Sunday’s game.  Twice as many men (30%) would spend $1,000 or more on a romantic trip than a trip to the game (14%) to see their favorite team potentially hoist the championship trophy.    

Four in ten women (41%) would pay $500 or more for a trip away with their significant other, while just 18% would pay that much to travel to the football game.  

Nearly three in ten (28%) fans would pay less than $100 for a ticket to see the game.  Half of fans (52%) would spend up to $500 if their favorite team was in the game.  

The survey was conducted via telephone within the United States by TNS on behalf of ING DIRECT USA on December 10, 2010, among 1,000 American adults ages 18 and over.