August ETFs Bulk Up in Assets

September 30, 2004 ( - Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) gained assets in August, tacking on $2.38 billion or 1.3%, with every category gaining ground during the period.

August’s total ETF assets ended at $174.5 billion, according to data supplied by the Investment Company Institute (ICI).

Meanwhile, the Total Domestic Equity Index added $1.69 billion or 1.1% to end August at $144.5 billion, followed by the Global/International Equity Index that advanced to $22.8 billion. The Bond index rose $7.12 billion, according to ICI.

Additionally, the value of ETF shares issued in July exceeded that of shares redeemed by $1.93 billion.  The total number of ETFs was 143.

Shares of exchange traded funds trade intraday on stock exchanges at market determined prices. Investors may buy or sell ETF shares through a broker just as they would the shares of any publicly traded company (See  Black Box: Exchange-Traded Funds ).