Benefits and Bosses Disappoint Taiwanese Workers

December 21, 2010 ( - According to a survey released by the employment service, 21.5% of Taiwanese office workers cited poor employee benefits as the most disappointing aspect of their jobs.

No room for personal development (14.6%) and lousy bosses (12.2%) followed, according to the Taiwan Times.  

The survey found that the five leading things that attract workers to new jobs are “good year-end bonuses” (59.1%), “dividends” (48.8%), “good bonuses for the three main festivals” (48.1%), “good opportunities for promotion” (44. 2%) and a “good working environment in which they can get along well with co-workers” (35%).  

The news report said 16.1% of Taiwanese office workers said the only thing that kept them in their current jobs was the salary “and nothing else.” The most attractive aspects of their jobs included: “short distance from home,” (17.4%), “getting along well with co-workers” (12.1%) and “room for personal development” (11%).