Best Buy Settles OT Claim

July 3, 2001 ( Retailer Best Buy has agreed to pay $5.4 million to resolve an overtime pay dispute involving about 70,000 current and former employees.

Back wages will be paid to workers who were employed at all Best Buy stores from February 1998 to February 2000, the department said.

The Department of Labor said that workers were not paid for hours worked on their days off, time worked during meal breaks, hours worked after they punched out on the time clock and time they waited for managers to unlock doors at the end of the shift.

The DOL also said that Best Buy did not keep an accurate record of hours worked by employees.

Best Buy also agreed to take several steps to ensure compliance with the hours-worked provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act, including a human resource area review of issues related to hours worked and reviewing compliance during internal company audits of each store.

It also has agreed to provide an 800 telephone number to all employees to report any concerns regarding payment for work hours.