Big Apple Priciest for Assisted Living Services

May 29, 2002 ( - A US assisted living facility costs an average $25,908 per year, according to a new survey.

The MetLife Assisted Living Market Survey2002 also found that the highest monthly average cost of an assisted living facility was in New York City at $3,696, the lowest was Jackson, Mississippi at $592.

Among the other pricey places to buy assisted living services, according to MetLlife, are:

  • Stamford, Connecticut, with an average monthly charge of $3,564.00,
  • Wilmington, Delaware at $3,369.50,
  • Honolulu, Hawaii at $3,250.20,
  • Highland Park, Illinois at $3,084.00,
  • Bridgewater, New Jersey at $3,083.80, and
  • San Francisco, California at $3,071.15


Assisted living facilities provide a way for older adults to retain a relatively independent lifestyle in a residential atmosphere with some assistance and support. 

The MetLife Mature Market Institute is the company’s focal point and resource center for issues concerning aging, retirement, long-term care and the mature market.

The MetLife Assisted Living Market Survey 2002 was conducted by telephone.  Five facilities, or 10%, whichever number was greater, were surveyed in each area selected. All facilities surveyed were state-licensed and freestanding.