(b)lines Ask the Experts – How Can We Help You?

February 15, 2013 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - The Experts from our Ask the Experts feature have been answering readers’ questions since March 2008.

However, we’ve had to turn away some questions we’ve received without answering. So, here is a reminder of guidelines for getting your questions answered by our Experts.  

  • Pose a question that is relevant to the column—Though this may sound straightforward, the Experts have received questions unrelated to nonprofit retirement plans, and even some that were unrelated to the retirement plan field at all. A question related to 403(b) or other nonprofit retirement plan types has the best chances of being utilized.  
  • Pose a question that that is of general interest to the (b)lines readership. When you pose your question, you should ask yourself “is this situation too fact specific to our retirement plan, or would others benefit from the response to this question?” 
  • Don’t pose “what should I do?” questions that request specific legal or tax advice that depend on your facts and circumstances, since we can’t provide legal or tax advice, just general information. Counsel with specific experience in the area in question should be contacted to give you advice on such issues.  
  • Don’t pose a question that is too lengthy, or contains a plethora of different elements. If it seems like it took a long time to write your question, chances are the response will be too lengthy and complex to be of interest to readers as well.  


Our mission is to educate and inform folks in the 403(b) marketplace, so please keep those questions coming!