BNY Unveils ADR Product

October 21, 2002 ( - Companies on the prowl for new American depositary receipt (ADR) clients may want to consider a new Bank of New York (BNY) offering.

According to a media announcement, BNY’s ADR Insight is primarily aimed at investor relations officials.


The BNY announcement said ADR Insight offers a set of interactive data views within its interface. According to BNY, ADR Insight provides:

  • summary and detailed ownership data
  • portfolio holdings for institutions and mutual funds
  • combined position reports for depositary receipts and their underlying shares.

The product includes an array of reports, hypertext links, and spreadsheet reporting to allow users to sort, analyze and interpret ownership data, the announcement said.

BNY currently issues depositary receipts for more than 1,400 programs representing 70 countries and accounts for 66% of all public sponsored depositary receipt programs, the bank said.