Boston Firm Unveils 'Statement on the Cheap'

January 20, 2004 ( - The Boston-based DALBAR is out with a participant statement prototype it says can save plan sponsors up to 60% to produce.

According to a DALBAR news release, the s tatement-on-the-cheap prototype consists of a hard copy that includes the content desired by investors, required disclosures, and electronic delivery of supporting detail via the Web and/or voice response unit (VRU).

DALBAR said the benefits of the new product include that it:

  • is a single hard copy page supplemented by electronic delivery media
  • meets regulatory requirements
  • achieves cost savings in statement production immediately upon implementation
  • leverages the Web and VRU to increase the effectiveness and reduce the cost of producing the statement.

The company said it offers support to firms implementing the statement-on-the-cheap model, including:

  • statement structure
  • electronic delivery mechanism
  • compliance support
  • customer positioning.