Bridgeway Launches Four New Funds

November 10, 2003 ( - Bridgeway Capital Management has launched four new mutual funds.

New to the Bridgeway lineup are the Bridgeway Small-Cap Growth Fund, the Bridgeway Small-Cap Value Fund, the Bridgeway Large-Cap Growth Fund and the Bridgeway Large-Cap Value Fund.   With the additions, the number of no-load funds offered by the Houston, Texas-based company stands at 11, according to a news release.

The primary investment objective of each of these actively-managed funds is to provide long-term total return of capital, primarily through capital appreciation, with the Large-Cap Value Fund also seeking some income.  These funds have been designed around what is known in the industry as a “style-box,” which is a way for investors to direct their investment by market capitalization as well as stock characteristics.

Shares of these new funds may be purchased directly from Bridgeway or through various mutual fund marketplaces. More information is available by calling (800) 661-3550 or visiting .