Business Travelers Report Unusual Experiences

February 17, 2011 ( – From getting locked out of a hotel room in skivvies to witnessing a birth on an airplane, respondents to a new CareerBuilder survey report some unusual experiences while traveling for business.

Experiences cited include: 

  • Woman next to me asked me for a drink from my water bottle. 
  • Our plane was stormed by the Columbian military who thought there was a drug lord on board. 
  • A client mooned the plane. 
  • A naked guy tried getting in my cab in Indonesia. 
  • A drunken passenger next to me insisted my headphones were a bomb. 
  • U.S. marshals arrested a passenger when the plane landed. 
  • A guy next to me had a carry-on bag filled with candy, which he kept offering me over and over and over again. 
  • A woman gave birth on the flight. 
  • After waking up, I accidentally walked into the hotel’s hallway instead of the restroom in my underwear. Got locked out and could be viewed by the elevator which was all glass windows.  
  • Manager punched a co-worker on the plane. 
  • Fell asleep in the airplane restroom. 


According to a press release, the majority of workers (68%) surveyed said they never travel for business, while 6% said they travel every other week or more. Five percent said they travel every other month.  

In addition, 19% of those who travel for business said the amount they travel negatively affects their home life.  

The nationwide survey was conducted among more than 2,400 U.S. employers and more than 3,900 U.S. workers between November 15 and December 2, 2010.