California Retirees Can Now Surf For State Jobs

August 21, 2002 ( - Retirees in their "Golden Years" now have a new way to check out job opportunities in the Golden State.

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) and the Department of General Services’ Statewide eGovernment Initiatives Office have launched iJobs, an online tool that allows retirees to search for work on the web as retired annuitants with the State of California. 

State retirees interested in positions can:

  • register with iJobs,
  • create a virtual resume of their work history online,
  • search for jobs by area of the State,
  • and contact potential state employer agencies via email.

“This is a virtual personnel office for State retirees,” said Vince Brown, Assistant Executive Officer for CalPERS Financial and Administrative Services. “Retirees often have special skills needed by the State of California. This site will allow us to tap their talent, while giving them an easy way to find that perfect job to keep them active during their retirement years.”

Site Signups

More than a dozen State agencies have signed on to use the site to post job openings and search for potential retired annuitants.  Each job is given a job number when a department posts it on the site. Retirees can search by job number, keyword or title, or by industry or job category. They can also e-mail departments and inquire about open positions, and departments can e-mail potential retired annuitants about details of job openings, according to CalPERS.

However, retirees interested in returning to work must follow some basic rules so they won’t jeopardize their CalPERS retirement benefits.  State retirees can work only 960 hours each calendar year. CalPERS also notes that retirees who are receiving Social Security benefits should contact the SSA at (800) 772-1213 to evaluate if taking a job might impact their benefits.

Interested parties can access iJobs by visiting CalPERS Career Opportunities page at or by accessing the State of California’s web site at