CanPX Offers Canadian Corporate Bond Market Data

August 22, 2001( - Investors now have access to market information on corporate bonds traded in the Canadian marketplace via CanPX.

The platform delivers real-time bid and offer prices and hourly trade data from the dealing desks of corporate bond market makers.

The CanPX system will initially provide pricing information on twenty corporate bonds, representative of both the retail and institutional markets’ interests and will gradually be changed in line with changes in the marketplace.

The group also plans to release market data on 80-100 provincial bond issues that trade in the inter-dealer markets.

Real time bid and offered yields for individual provincial bond issues will be expressed as a spread over similar maturity benchmark Canada bonds. In addition, the system will display:

  • the bid-offered transaction size for each issue,
  • the coupon and maturity of the referenced Canada bonds, and
  • the bid-offer yield for the provincial issue, with the last traded yield and cumulative traded volume.