CIGNA Announces Enhanced FMLA Services

September 16, 2005 ( - CIGNA Group Insurance has enhanced its Family & Medical Leave Act services to help employers better manage FMLA compliance and reduce administrative headaches.

In its press release, CIGNA says customers currently enjoy the ability to integrate their Short Term Disability coverage with FMLA and administer various leaves of absence through CIGNA.   The company lists the following enhancements to their current services in the news release:

  • Increased Availability – Services extended to employers with as few as 500 employees and for employers with STD programs that cover partial employee populations
  • No additional costs – To support jury, military and bereavement leaves
  • Expanded Entitlement for Domestic Partners – Available at no extra cost for employers who want to align their leave policies with benefit programs offering domestic partner coverage
  • Simpler Claim Intake – One toll-free number and FMLA leave and STD claims can now be reported simultaneously online, further simplifying the process
  • Quick Implementation – 90 days for standard offering; no implementation fees.

CIGNA’s said in the news release that its FMLA services make managing FMLA easier for employees and employers due to the following:

  • One toll-free number for employees to call for STD, FMLA, or both,
  • 24- hour web access to request leaves, obtain status and reports regarding FMLA regulations,
  • Medical information submitted once –   STD approval serves as proxy for FMLA leave when eligibility is met,
  • Targeted expertise and resources applied to FMLA and STD concurrently throughout the absence,
  • Consistent leave administration and clear communication regarding employee rights and time available under FMLA, supporting a company’s compliance efforts and eliminating confusion,
  • Confidential treatment of all employee information, while keeping managers “in the loop” through automated e-mail communications throughout the leave.

CIGNA offers its FMLA services through SHPS, a health management organization.

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